Pac-12 football players’ letter — Most important takeaways from an unprecedented step

A group of Pac-12 football gamers composed a letter to the conference threatening to pull out of fall camp and video game involvement unless the league fulfills its needs with regard to security throughout the coronavirus pandemic, along with financial and social concerns.

In the letter, a piece in The Players’ Tribune entitled “#WeAreUnited,” the gamers are requesting security preventative measures amidst the pandemic, medical insurance coverage for 6 years after eligibility ends, a long-term civic engagement job force to deal with social oppression concerns, and for the league to disperse 50% of each sport’s overall conference income uniformly amongst professional athletes in their particular sports.

What does this mean for college football and the wider college sports landscape? Our authors broke down the greatest takeaways from gamers’ letter.

Tom VanHaaren: Student- professional athletes feel as though they have a voice and must have a seat at the table now. In the past, they needed to go in addition to the status quo and, sometimes, hesitated to speak out about concerns they dealt with on school or within their own athletic departments. There has actually been a strong sense of unity in how the student-athletes feel they must have a say in how they’re dealt with. It’s not what they’re requiring, however that they’re defending themselves and stating they desire reasonable treatment which they no longer wish to feel as though their benefits aren’t taken care of.

Some of the needs in the letter are lofty, however the essence of the letter– that …

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