As OnePlus launches its newest model on the technological market, fans can expect a slight shift in their state of the art hardware. Instead of Google Shelf, One Plus 8 will feature Google Discover as part of its integration. While it has been quite one time since the world got to know about toggling between Google Shelf to Google Discover, leading to several mods changing it on the high-end cellphones, the company allowed this feature only on the American variants of this device. But all that takes a hit with One Plus 8.

OnePlus Launcher will show Google Discover, not Shelf, on the OnePlus 8

The launch event for the One Plus 8 highlighted how the toggle menu would always have a Google Discover on it, irrespective of the topology- except China due to a lack of Google interface in that country. But we have some assorted bad news too- you can’t download this feature on your old One Plus models. In fact, this will only work on devices that have this feature enabled in their UI. 

And the company hasn’t doled out any information about it releasing this feature on older devices.