Gone are the days when smartphones could be released in the market without extreme testing. Flagship phones are bound to get tested in the most rigorous way so that they can be graded on the basis of their durability. OnePlus 8, the newer model which is getting a major release, is also going to go through stress tests. Well, it has undergone a tolerance test and the results are quite interesting. The stress test was conducted by Zack from the YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything.

From the video, you will find out that the glass will get scratches at a pressure of level 6 as seen on the Mohs scale. Deep grooves form at level 7 pressure. If you try to burn the screen, a white burn mark will appear on it only after 30 seconds. The bend test shows that the phone does not bend under pressure. There are no cracks on it or permanent damage.

It seems like OnePlus 8 is coming into the market without any bar pulling it back. It is all set to rock the smartphone market just like most previous OnePlus phones did. It has passed the stress test with flying colors, as it seems.