The Importance of Preserving Culture

I was born and lived in Turkey to Armenian parents. Life in Turkey was ever enticing, but at times I fathomed how life in my mother country was because throughout my life I had never set foot there.

My opportunity came in the summer of 2008 when my parents funded my trip back to their original home so that I could attend a festival in Armenia called One Nation One Culture; this is a unique festival which has been held since 2004 in Armenia and seeks to bring together the residents of Armenia, those in Diaspora and residents of Karabakh in strengthening the spiritual and cultural bonds and to gather the creativity of the general population while seeking the preservation of the nation’s culture.

The festival also sought to discover the various potentials that the youth possessed in various social fields. So at last I was going back ‘home’ at a happy time of festivities and I knew that I would have the best of time there.

The event was organized courtesy of the Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan, and both the ministries of culture and foreign affairs. Musical groups and individual performers were invited to the festival to represent the various cultural values of Armenia as well as address the problems that were facing cultural activities and preservation in the country. Master classes were conducted by singers and prominent musical groups. Representatives were picked from Armenian Diaspora, Armenia, and Karabakh.

Promoting Message of Peace and Unleashing the Potential of the Youth

That year the celebration coordinators had chosen to hold different occasions during the time as a feature of the celebration. The ‘Days of Performing Arts’ arrangement had an exceptionally bustling timetable of occasions and performances. Celebrations advertising Officer Marieta Makaryan said that up to eight occasions would be held day by day in Yerevan, Armenian areas, and Karabakh. The biggest appointments mostly originated from Russia, Iran, and Georgia. About 1,200 individuals from around two dozen nations had come to join in the celebration that

Therefore during the celebrations, I was able to meet and socialize with others in the festivals as we traded experiences in the country and experiences that others face on other countries where they live or work. I made friends with two youthful gents, Hayk and Levon, who were living in USA and a lady, Viktoria, who was working in Canada. They too had come here for the festival. When we were not attending the celebrations, we would take a walk around the city to meet and socialize with the residents of the area. They were very hospitable to us and encouraged us to visit the country more often as well as help them in finding potential opportunities for others to work or even do business in other countries.

Some of the notable performances at the festival which really rocked us include the performances by The Armenian General Benevolent Union Dance Ensemble, the Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble of the St. Thomas Armenian Church, the Yeraz Dance Ensemble of St. Sarkis Church; and the New Jersey Hamazkayin Nayiri Dance Group who charmed gatherings of people with their effortless and rich exhibitions of conventional and advanced Armenian moves.

The “One Nation, One Culture” celebration highlighted vocal exhibitions by eminent Armenian artists such as Alla Levonian from Armenia, Babin Boghosian and Ensemble from Los Angeles; the Arekan Children’s Choir and Dhol Group of Hamazkay in New Jersey. We were also glad to be thrilled by shows from the Yerevan International Film Festival ‘Brilliant Apricot, Vardavar, Extreme Sports Festival, and High Fest National Theater Festival.

The Extreme Sports Festival which was another expansion to the Armenian occasion’s logbook was also one of the most amazing performances that really entertained everybody present at the event. A few nations contended in shocking deeds and specialized donning abilities. For 10 days the normally quiet Lake Sevan region had to become a thrill-seekers’ heaven who showcased their different abilities and skills in paintball, rock climbing, and paragliding.