One Dead After Car Rams Into Activists Peacefully Protesting On Closed Stretch Of Seattle Highway

This is completely horrific…

A group protesting in support of Black Lives Matter were doing this on a closed stretch of Interstate 5 in Seattle, Washington on Saturday night each time a car somehow got onto the road and appeared to intentionally run down two of the activists. Now, one is dead from her injuries sustained in the hit and run, while the other person remains in serious condition in the ICU.

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The incident occurred on I-5 in downtown Seattle yesterday, when protesters had peacefully gathered traveling to promote their activism and engage in non-violent demonstration. The highway was purposely turn off by police, too, so there should’ve been nobody on the road during the time. And yet…

However, as you can see in this horrifying video footage (below), a car plowed through the protest line at full speed, striking 24-year-old Summer Taylor, and fellow activist Diaz Love. Now, hours later, Taylor has passed on from her injuries, dying in a medical facility after the fact. Love remains in the ICU in serious condition, having been severely injured during the apparent attack.

Be warned, this video is very violent, and terrifying to watch:


The driver, Dawit Kelete, was since found by police and arrested. He was initially charged with two counts of vehicular assault, but now that Taylor has passed away from her injuries, it’s possible those charges could be upped to homicide or something similar.

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As you can see from the video of the automobile appearing to veer and speed up upon reaching the protesters, eyewitness on scene believed the incident to be a “purposeful attack,” and not simply a terrible accident or mistake.

Moments before it occurred, everything in regards to the protest was peaceful and compliant, too:

Why would someone make a move like this to a peaceful protester?!

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Washington State troopers are investigating motive, among other activities, and racking your brains on how the so-called assailant got onto the closed stretch of highway in the first place:

For now, it appears that the driver continues to be in police custody since the investigation unfolds.

Our hearts venture out to Summer Taylor’s friends, family, and loved ones in this unimaginably difficult and gut-wrenching time. We can’t even imagine being forced to go through something such as this. So, so sad. And such unnecessary violence.

Just awful.


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