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OLATHE, Kan.– A restaurant in Olathe is doing more than offering chicken. They’re helping foster kids get their firstcars


But it’s not simply them. Their customers and the teenagers themselves are making it possible.

When you turn the secret to your first cars and truck, it sounds a little sweeter. Eighteen- year-old Brianna Simms is grateful for her 2009 ToyotaCamry

“It makes me feel like an adult,” Simms stated. “Being able to go and do things without having to rely on other people, it makes me feel useful for myself.”

Simms invested 3 years in foster care and just recently aged out. She’s going to college full-time at Kansas City, Kansas, Community College, studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician, and likewise operates at Walmart to pay her expenses.

“It took a lot of work to get where we are now,” Simms stated.

She got a cars and truck with the aid of YOUTHrive, a company mentoring and helping foster kids discover monetary preparation.

They deal foster teenagers courses to assist them discover budgeting and conserving cash. Part of the class is working and conserving cash towards a cars and truck, lease or perhaps a computer system.

Tim Gay, the creator & & executive director of YOUTHrive, stated this assists them get a hand as much as developing an independent life.

“We’re teaching them how to budget their money and how to save their money,” Gay stated. “So hopefully they’re learning that life skill that they need to save money on a regular basis.”

“This was a perfect fit,” stated Todd Thompson, the owner of Strip’s Chicken inOlathe “We ask every person that comes in whether they want to round up a hug for foster kids, and we match those donations.”

Nichole Reusch operates at Strip’s and asks each consumer in the drive-thru if they will assemble their expense for the program. Her mom promoted kids and matured understanding numerous foster kids.

“It means a lot,” Reusch stated. “It’s nice to know that there are still good people who want to help.”

Customers contribute their modification, often a lot more, and Strip’s matches it. Brianna conserved up half of the expense of the cars and truck herself by following YOUTHrive’s program.

“It was very exciting to finally be able to drive and be able to say I own something so big and special that a lot of people don’t get,” Simms stated.

“They’re so excited! You can see the joy in their eyes,” Thompson stated. “I think it provides them a peace of mind, that they’re loved, that people are caring about the success of their future.”

All the cash raised at Strip’s goes to assist kids in Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties. Thompson stated over the previous couple of years, they have actually raised around $15,000 with the aid ofcustomers It’s gone to helping 13 foster teenagers get lorries.

Thompson stated they’re preparing to open a 2nd area in KCMO’s Waldo community, and they’re preparing to do a comparable program for kids on the Missouri side.

If you are a service and wish to assist foster teenagers, Gay stated you can likewisework with them on matching donations They are likewise constantly searching for coaches to deal with foster youth through their MyPath program.

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