The coronavirus is still at large and the cases of Covid-19 patients are still rising in the US. Oklahoma recently had an over 800 surge in the Covid-19 cases. This might be a cause of alarm since there is a scheduled Trump rally that is going to take place in Oklahoma. On Friday, the new cases recorded in Oklahoma were around 352 and this was just after the Thursday record cases were put at around 450. Overall, there have been around 367 deaths due to this virus in the state. This previous week, the cases seemed to have increased by 90%. Unlike the official statement that the rise of cases must be because of the rise of testing, in Oklahoma, the testing has not been done up to the mark. 

Previously, Oklahoma had been relatively safe with lower cases of this virus. It has also been one of the first states to reopen. Trump has chosen to conduct his massive rally in Oklahoma because of the perceived great management of the virus there. 

The rally will be conducted in Tulsa. The attendees will be provided with masks though there is no strict order to wear them. 

The state has recorded the highest number of cases in Tulsa itself.