Obituary for COVID-19 victim blames politicians for his death

The category of an Arizona man who succumbed to the coronavirus late last month following a three-week struggle with the illness has published a searing obituary that blamed his death on the ‘carelessness’ of local politicians and their ‘lack of leadership.’ 

Mark Urquiza, a 65-year-old husband and father from Maryvale, proven to his nearest and dearest as ‘Black Jack,’ lost his life to COVID-19 on June 30. 

His wife, Brenda, and daughter, Kristin, could not be by his side in the hospital due to the contagious nature of the condition and were forced to state goodbye to his over FaceTime as he breathed his last, with only an ICU nurse in the room with him. 

Urquiza succumbed to COVID-10 on June 30

In a matter of weeks, Mark Urquiza, 65, had opted from a healthier man active to an individual on his death bed. Urquiza succumbed to COVID-10 on June 30 (right)

Urquiza's funeral took place on Wednesday. It was sparsely attended do to coronavirus restrictions in Arizona amid surging cases

Urquiza’s funeral took place on Wednesday. It was sparsely attended do to coronavirus restrictions in Arizona amid surging cases 

Kristin Urquiza, 39, says she believes that her once healthy, energetic father might have been alive today, were it maybe not for what of local politicians, specially Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, in response to the pandemic. 

‘I believe Ducey’s got blood on his hands,’ she told AZ Central. 

On Wednesday, Kristin, who lives in San Francisco but who traveled to her native Arizona during her father’s health crisis, organized a vigil at the State Capitol in Phoenix to honor her father and the more than 2,000 other victims of the coronavirus outbreak. 

‘For the final week since my father has passed, I’ve been talking on Facebook to hundreds of individuals who are fed up with the leadership within the state of Arizona,’ Kristin said at the event.

According to posts on a Facebook page that the woman has launched, titled Marked By COVID, Urquiza ‘believed it absolutely was safe to resume his normal activities in May when Gov. Doug Ducey allowed the stay-at-home order to expire.’ 

His daughter suspects that her father contracted the illness in the weeks after the lockdown was lifted, allowing for bars as well as other businesses to reopen, based on AZ Family.  

‘Mark, like so many others, must not have died from COVID-19,’ his obituary read ‘His death is due to the carelessness of the politicians who continue steadily to jeopardize the fitness of brown bodies through a clear lack of leadership, refusal to acknowledge the severe nature of this crisis, and inability and unwillingness to give clear and decisive direction on how best to minimize risk.’

Urquiza is pictured with his only child, daughter Kristin, as a baby

Urquiza is pictured with his only child, daughter Kristin, as a baby 

Kristin Urquiza is blaming local politicians, especially the Republican governor, for her father's death through their response to the pandemic

Kristin Urquiza is blaming local politicians, especially the Republican governor, for her father’s death through their response to the pandemic 

As element of her public campaign to keep the politicians’ feet to the fire over their response to the pandemic, Kristin sent Gov Ducey a letter, inviting him to her father’s funeral on Wednesday. 

Kristin said that Governor Dough Ducey has 'blood on his hands' for allowing Arizona's stay-at-home order to expire in mid-May (pictured sanitizing his hands on Thursday)

Kristin said that Governor Dough Ducey has ‘blood on his hands’ for allowing Arizona’s stay-at-home in an attempt to expire within mid-May (pictured sanitizing his hands on Thursday)

‘I write to be able to invite you to definitely the funeral of my dad, Mark Anthony Urquiza,’ typically the missive started out. ‘He has been one of the 88 Arizonans who else died about June 30, 2020 coming from COVID-19. Despite having a massive family and several friends he or she died only with an ICU nurse having his hands. He got no identified underlying health issues. He has been 65.’

According for the letter, Urquiza, who was a top school 400-meter dash condition champion in addition to cross-country athlete. came straight down with a higher fever in addition to cough about June 11, and has been tested for COVID-19 the very next day. 

On June 16, Urquiza, referred to by his family since ‘the lifestyle of the gathering,’ has been admitted right into a hospital for low o2 levels. After 10 times of high o2 treatment, having been put on a new ventilator in addition to taken to typically the ICU, in which he died several days later on. 

His wife has since already been diagnosed with typically the coronavirus.

Kristin sent this letter to the governor, inviting him to her father's funeral so that he could see the tragedy of her family first-hand

Kristin sent this particular letter for the governor, welcoming him with her father’s funeral service so that might see the disaster of the girl family first-hand 

‘My father caught the virus through the period whenever you forbade nearby governments coming from implementing their very own safety measures, like mandating typically the wearing regarding masks, to safeguard the public from your spread regarding COVID-19 via Executive Order 2020-36,’ Kristin had written, addressing typically the governor straight. ‘As a new master regarding public matters, I can testify that weak policy in addition to terrible command was accountable for his death.’

The page goes on to animadvert on Ducey regarding ‘gross mismanagement’ of the wellness crisis, which often as of Friday afternoon provides claimed greater than 2,000 people within Arizona, which recent days has appeared as one of the main hot spots regarding COVID-19 in america.  

‘Your inaction in addition to active disbelief of the hardship Covid-19 will be causing made it obvious that the individuals dying, and the families left out are just figures to you,’ Kristin explained. ‘My dad was certainly not a number; his life considered.

‘That is why I actually invite you to definitely his funeral, to see first-hand typically the tragedy of any family grieving our dearly loved and not able to even maintain each other within our grief. This should not be taking place this way. My father’s lifestyle should have considered to you, as well.’

A spokesperson for Gov Ducey responded having a two-sentence assertion that portrayed condolences for the family. 

Kristin (pictured with her parents and a loved one), is planning to start a fund to raise awareness about the risks of COVID-19

Kristin (pictured ready parents along with a loved one), is intending to start a finance to raise consciousness about the dangers of COVID-19 

‘Our hearts head out to the as well as loved ones regarding Mark Anthony Urquiza,’ this read. ‘We know practically nothing can completely alleviate this associated with his loss, every loss out of this virus will be tragic.’

Kristin provides launched a GoFundMe campaign whose preliminary aim was going to help the loved ones with her dads funeral charges and the girl mother’s health care expenses. 

Having very easily met typically the $20,000 goal, Kristin has up-to-date the aim to $40,000. She now strategies to start a new fund ‘to battle falsehoods in Maricopa County in addition to elevate real truth the mortality of this computer virus in order to save even more lives.’ 

A day time before Urquiza’s death, Ducey ordered typically the state’s pubs to close back off. On Thursday, he released an professional order restricting restaurant capability for dine-in service to under 50 percent. 

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