Oatly had made an advertisement for the Super Bowl by investing a whopping $5 million. The ad has been a mocking tale for critics and netizens. On the other hand, the sales numbers of this vegan product company tell another tale as they seem to have spent their money well.

Oatly is based in Sweden and is reported to have been eyeing another massive deal of $10 billion for the purpose of IPO (initial public offering) which might be acquired within the month of May itself.

Oatly’s Ad Is So Bad That It Is Good

Oatly made a 30-second ad for the Super Bowl that featured Toni Peterson, the CEO of the company, seen playing the keyboard as well as singing about the milk of the company in a field of oat. He is heard saying that the milk has been made for all humans.

Another old commercial of the company was banned in 2014 after Sweden faced a dairy lawsuit. Following that the company released a 15-second ad in 2017 on YouTube. According to reports, Oatly has spent $5.5 million on this Super Bowl ad.

Washington Post has reported that the ad has no music, actors, director, or choreography. They further added that probably Oatly is good at creating oat milk as well as bad commercials.

Several celebrities followed suit and tweeted poking fun of the ad and saying it is the worst ad ever. Likewise, the social media platforms have been abuzz over the commercial since it was aired.

However, the company has successfully managed to capitalize this moment of brief popularity by selling umpteen number of t-shirts which have ‘I Hate Oatly Commercial’ on them. These t-shirts sold out in a matter of a few minutes.