Tigress Financial reissued the ‘Buy’ rating that it had imposed on NYSE:TAL on Tuesday- investors mentioned in a research note. The firm had already been in a number of reports. The USB group had already raised their target price for the Education group of NYSE:TAL from about $102 to $109, whilst giving the stock a ‘buy’ rating. The Bank of American, too, assumed coverage over several shares of NYSE:TAL in yet another report that was sent out on July 13th. The rating they implemented was ‘buy’. 

Zacks Investment Research had NYSE:TAL downgraded the firm from a ‘buy’ to a ‘sell’, as one of the research analysts finally gave the firm a ‘sell’ rating, with one analyst giving it a ‘hold’. Thirteen research analysts gave the firm a ‘buy’ rating. At present, the firm has an average target price of $75.16, with the average rating being ‘Buy’.

The quarterly earnings for NYSE:TAL was posted on the 13th of July. The EPS for the quarter for this firm was $0.18, which was more than the consensus estimate given by Thomson Reuters by $0.16. The net margin for the company was 0.15%, while the return on equity was 0.21%. The revenue for the business was $910.70 million, which was more than the expectations of $887.64 million. 

About TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL)

NYSE:TAL is a major provider of K-12 tutoring services in PRC (People’s Republic of China). The services are offered to K-12 students and covers several different subjects like physics, mathematics, biology, English, History, etc. The company also hosts tutoring services through tiny classes under the brand names of Xueersi, Mobby, and Firstleap.