NYSE:SCHW has already issued the quarterly results of its earnings on Thursday. The provider of financial services brought out an EPS of $0.48 for this very quarter, which beat out the consensus estimate of $0.47 which was given out by Thomson Reuters. The net margin for this firm is around 31.48%, with a 15.68% return on its equity. The revenue of this firm around that time was close to $2.45 billion which is more than the expectations of the analysts at around $2.43 billion. In the last year, the EPS for the company was around $0.70 for the same quarter. The revenue of the firm has fallen down quite a bit this year, when compared to last year. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NYSE:SCHW

The shares of NYSE:SCHW had a good opening on Friday when it opened at $39.03. The company has a 52-week high of $51.65, while the 52-week low is of $28. The quick ratio of the company is at 0.30, while the ratio of its debt-to-equity is around 0.33, and the current ratio is 0.30. The simple moving average for 50-day is $36.16, while the moving average for 200-day is around $35.40. The market cap of this firm is set at around $50.30 billion, with a P/E ratio of 16.40, and a beta of 1.17. 

Some of the brokerages have commented on NYSE:SCHW. Wolfe Research decided to raise the shares of this firm from a rating of ‘underperform’ to a rating of ‘peer perform’, with a price target of around $36. Morgan Stanley, too, lifted the price objective that was present in its shares from $47, to $51, while giving the stock a rating of ‘overweight’, in one of the research reports that was dated around 6th October. Credit Suisse Group had started covering the shares of NYSE:SCHW when they gave a neutral to the company along with a price objective of $43. Raymond James also reiterated the hold rating that it had given to its shares, in yet another research report that was sent out on the 6th of August. Close to eleven analysts have already given the stock a rating of hold, while three of them have given it a buy. The current average rating for this company is Hold, while the price target on an average is $42.07. 

The Charles Schwab Company Profile (NYSE:SCHW)

NYSE:SCHW has been providing wealth management, banking options, securities brokerage, asset management, financial advisory services, and custody services. 

The operation of NYSE:SCHW is usually done through two segments- one, the Investor Services, and two, the Advisor Services. The former provides all sorts of retail brokerage, retirement plan services, and banking services, along with equity compensation plans, stock options, restricted stock, stock plans, performance shares, and stock appreciation rights.