26 firms have assigned United Rentals Inc (NYSE: URI) shares with the recommendation of ‘hold’, according to the reports. The company had the average price objective of $179.82 for 1 year from brokerages last year.

On Friday, the company started from $231.91 with the market cap being $16.73B. Their lowest in 52 weeks is $58.85 while the highest is $249.60. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 0.84, 0.79, and 2.46. Their 50 day rolling average is $229.01 while the 200 day is $185.59.

According to the 28th October report, the company had quarterly EPS earnings of $5.40 that topped the $4.33 consensus estimate by $1.07. Their net margin was 12.37% with 37.16% equity return. Their revenue was $2.19B, surpassing the $2.14B estimate.

Transactions Of URI Stock

Citigroup increased the price objective to $255 from $185 but demoted the rating to ‘neutral’ from ‘buy. Morgan Stanley decreased the rating to ‘underweight’ from ‘equal weight’ and issued a price objective of $180. OTR Global lifted the rating to ‘positive’. Barclays demoted the rating to ‘underweight’ from ‘equal weight’ but raised the price objective to $173 from $145. Deutsche Bank promoted it to $190 from $166 and gave a rating of ‘hold’.

Michael Kneeland, the Director, sold off 20,000 URI shares at $237.22 worth $4,744,400. Insiders own 1% URI stock.

Wisconsin State Investment Board raised their holdings on URI stock by nearly 22.3%, owning shares priced at $6,614,000. Retirement System of Kentucky purchased a new stake and own $598,000 worth of shares. ETRADE Cap. Management bought a new position and own shares worth $305,000. Tennessee State Treasury Department raised their holdings by approximately 125.9%, owning $5,949,000 worth of shares. Advisor Partners increased it by almost 2.3%, owning $590,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors own 97.92% URI stock.