Eight analysts covering NYSE: TALO stock performance announces in a report issued this week that Talos Energy Inc. gets a consensus rating of “Buy” from several brokerages. Among the eight who have posted their personal ratings on the company, one gave a “Hold” rating and a majority of seven recommended a “Buy” rating which brought the consensus estimate to “Buy”. The average price target (PT) currently stands at $15.00 issued on the stock last year.

Talos Energy Inc. stocks traded at $9.95 this Thursday. The company’s current market capitalization stands at $808.74 million. It has a negative PE ratio of 58.53 along with a beta of 3.15 at the moment. The debt-to-equity ratio stands at 0.78. The company has a current and quick ratio of 0.59. The 12-monthly high to low ranges from $19.06 to $5.00. The 50SMA (50 Days Simple Moving Average) stands at $9.33 and its 200SMA stands at $7.94.

Talos Energy Inc. Company Profile

Talos is a leader in offshore energy exploration and production. The company combines technical experience and expertise in geology, geophysics and engineering with innovative resource evaluation techniques and seismic imaging expertise to discover new resources.

The company has decades of operational experience that allows it to safely and responsibly optimize production and recovery from their assets. Finally, Talos Energy Inc.’s portfolio mentions that they leverage their commercial and corporate management experience to allocate capital effectively so as to balance risk and reward, expand their business and optimize long-term shareholder value.

In a report issued by Zacks Investment Research on the 5th of January, the company’s rating was increased from a “sell” to a “hold”. Several institutional investors and hedge funds have also been involved in the buying and selling of this company’s shares. Some such as Jane Street LLC, Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, Sunbelt Securities and so on lifted their shareholdings in this company recently.