In a surprising turn of events, the councilman of NYC, Mark Levine is of the opinion that beaches should remain open during lockdown- when everyone else is clamoring for ‘stay home’ policies. 

“A hot summer is coming and New Yorkers will likely have no access to summer camps, street fairs, and possibly even playgrounds,” Levine said in a statement Saturday. “We need to give New Yorkers a safety valve to get outside in the hot summer months. Beaches are the best place to do that.”

Councilman Levine believes that if people were made to follow social distancing protocols and strict supervision recorded on them, they would be able to get away with this daring venture. He also believes that it would be a problem if only one region had its beaches open- for people would swarm over to that location. All of these had to be coordinated so that people would be able to enjoy the summers without creating another pandemic in the land. 

The Mayor of NYC has decided to put everything on hold- picnics, rallies, parades, marches and the like in order to flatten the curve as death rates are on a rise with no viable mode of control available at the moment. On the other hand, Florida has let up some restrictions which would allow people to enjoy their freedom, if they do so cautiously and whilst maintaining social distancing.