NTEC’s stock gets a rating of “neutral” from Roth Capital on Tuesday. Other brokerages also commented on NTEC stocks. SH SH raised the rating of Intec Pharma’s stocks from “neutral” to “buy” and set $13.00 as its price target of the company’s stock on Wednesday 9th December. Zach Research raised the rating of the company’s shares from “hold” to “buy” on Tuesday, 13th October. ValuEngine cut the rating of the company’s shares from “buy” to “hold” on Friday, 9th October.

 Four research analysts issued the company’s stock a rating of “hold” and two research analysts issued the company’s stocks a rating of “buy”. The firm has $9.00 as the average target and “hold” as the average rating.

More About NTEC Stock

NTEC shares started on Tuesday at $3.85.The firm has $2.20 as the 12 month-low and $15.82 as the 12 month-high. The firm has $13.83 million in market capitalization and -0.54 as the ratio between price and earnings. The firm has $3.29 as the moving average for 50 days and $5.58 as the moving average for 200 days.

The firm declared the quarterly earnings on November 5th, Thursday. The company reported an earnings/share of $0.95 for this quarter missing the analyst’s estimates by $0.15.The research analysts have predicted the company to post an EPS of -4.21 for this year.

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have changed their holdings in the company. Russell Investments bought its new position during the 2nd quarter at $29,000.Sigma Advisers raised its position in the company by 326.1% in the 2nd quarter.GSA Capital bought its new position in the company during the 3rd quarter at $55,000.

Intec Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on manufacturing drugs on its platform technology called Accordion Pill in Israel. The accordion pill is a delivery system for oral drugs that enhances the safety and efficacy of the drugs that are in development or the market.