Northern Territory bans ALL Sydneysiders from entering when the border opens in two days

Northern Territory declares ALL of Sydney a coronavirus hotspot and bans residents from freely entering when the border opens in two days – with officials warning a ‘risky’ move could have devastating consequences

All Sydneysiders are banned from freely entering the Northern Territory when it reopens its borders to the rest of the country – except Victoria – in two days.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said on Wednesday that allowing travellers from Greater Sydney would be ‘too risky’ as the city’s south-west battles a coronavirus outbreak.

The NT will end 14-day compulsory self-quarantine for interstate travellers come Friday but quarantine will still apply to residents from COVID-19 hotspots.  

Mr Gunner declared Sydney to be a hotspot and said all residents wishing to enter the Territory from the city will be forced to spend two weeks in mandatory quarantine. 

The travellers will be charged $2,500 each for the supervised quarantine. 

‘Nobody wanted this, everybody had hoped by now that coronavirus would be under control down south,’ Mr Gunner said.

‘But as we keep being reminded, we cannot underestimate this virus.’

Mr Gunner said the borders will remain shut to Victoria indefinitely as well as as all of Sydney.  

‘It’s not a risk I’m willing to take,’ he said.

‘It would be a roll of the dice’. 

The border is opening on Friday for the first time since March 24. 

More to follow. 


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