Korean Central News Agency, recently released videos and pictures of Kim Jong-un squashing rumors of his ill health. The official state media released images that show Kim attending the opening ceremony of a fertilizer company. 

The Supreme leader of North Korea was seen in Pyongyang after more than three weeks of absence from public life.

In the inauguration ceremony of the fertilizer plant, Kim was seen with several senior officials, and his sister Kim Yo-jong. Experts predict that she will succeed Kim in the coming years. 

Images show Kim Jong-un in good health

The images were followed by a report that claimed that the workers were ecstatic to see Kim. The video showed a smiling Kim wearing a black Mao suit, cutting the red ribbon. Kim in the video showed no signs of illness or weakness and was also missing the walking stick, which he had been seen carrying in 2014.  

Kim was also shown to be riding an electric green vehicle. 

Speculations about Kim Jong-un’s health, started when he missed the yearly birthday celebration of Kim II Sung, the founding father of the hermit country, and also Kim’s grandfather. A Seoul based publication, called The Daily NK, reported that the leader was recovering from an operation in a coastal resort. 

The Daily NK is best known for gathering information by interviewing North Korean leaders and other secret sources from inside the country. 

Kim had also gone missing back in 2014 for a surgery to remove a cyst on his ankle. Then too, the government had tried to silence rumors on his demise. In recent years, Kim’s health has been a growing concern since he is overweight and his family has a history of heart issues. 

Trump decided to make no comments when inquired about Kim’s reappearance.