Nokia Co. (NYSE: NOK) has been the beneficiary of a major surge in short interest in November. On 15th November, the short interest comprised of 53,350,000 shares while 48,910,000 shares increased by 9.1% since 31st October.

At present, 1.0% of NOK shares have been sold short. 33,040,000 shares have a current short-interest ratio of 1.6 days on the basis of the volume of the daily average.

NOK Stock Valuations & Transactions

Nokia opened on Monday in the stock market at $4.03 and a market cap of $22.64 billion. The current, quick, and debt-to-equity ratios are 1.53, 1.29, and 0.34, respectively. Their lowest in 12 months is $2.34 and the highest is $5.14. The average price for a 50-day rolling is $3.89 and a 200-day is $4.24.

On 29th October they issued the earnings results showing an EPS of $0.06 in that quarter which equaled the estimate. The equity return of the company is 9.34% and a total margin of 3.31%. Their quarterly revenue was $6.19 billion that missed the estimate of $6.41 billion.

Prospera Services bought a new Nokia position worth $28,000 and FormulaFolio Investments bought a $40,000 worth position. Howard Management purchased $40,000 worth of position while Canton Hathway bought $41,000. Pinnacle Bank purchased a stake worth $45,000. Hedge funds and Institutional investors own 4.42% of Nokia stock.

ValuEngine decreased Nokia shares by giving a rating of ‘sell’. Exane increased its rating from ‘underperform’ to ‘neutral’. Deutsche Bank reiterated its ‘buy’ rating while Credit Suisse maintained a ‘neutral’ rating. Societe General reissued the ‘buy’ rating. NOK has an average ‘hold’ rating with a $4.90 target price.