NHL Betting For Beginners 2020
NHL Betting For Beginners 2020

NHL is a sport for those that like living fast and on the edge. Believe it or not, the NHL provides one of the best betting scenes for American sports so you really are missing out if you have not got into it already. Nevertheless, for those that do enjoy the NHL in every aspect (betting and all) you will find that SportsBet.com.au  is the perfect location to base all of your gambling activities on for the NHL. You could put everything you learn from us to the test! Here is a complete NHL Betting For Beginners A Guide for 202

The NHL have been hit hard as of late due to the pandemic, but everyone has. It is a different vibe entirely when you play with closed door stadiums. At least you can still enjoy the betting aspect of the sport online still, whenever and wherever you want!

NHL Betting For Beginners A Guide for 202

Betting on NHL unlike the other sports out there, is purely based and revolved around the Moneyline kind of bets. The wagering aspect will focus entirely on the winning team and the odds on the teams will affect the payout that you receive in the end. Sounds pretty straight forward up to now, right?

The way the betting system works is by presenting you the teams in a matchup line, with its integers according to the underdog and likely winner. If the Toronto Maple leafs were estimated to win with -120, to +140 to the Montreal Canadiens, you will need to be okay with risking $120 to win $100 for the Toronto Maple Leafs, or a $140 risk to win $100 for the Montreal Canadiens. Obviously, being that the Montreal Canadiens are in fact the underdogs here, you will need to risk more to win more altogether. Many people generally do not like betting on the underdog, so the bookies will always make the winning stakes better for those who do. They can still profit from it, due to less people wagering anything on it.

You can always bet on the teams that are not huge or placed in the top favourite odds. It is not just the ones that are promoted, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to the Moneyline bets. You can be creative, as it is not always rigid and can account for more than one match into the future, so why not a season perhaps?

Puck line NHL Betting

NHL Betting For Beginners 2020
NHL Betting For Beginners 2020

This betting opportunity is another interesting one, if we may say so ourselves of course. Here you will find that the puck line is set usually at the point of 1.5. This is the same version as a point spread for American football, if you are looking for a possible similarity.

The hockey games scores for when the game is over are often decided by a goal or more, so this is directly used to influence the wagers that are created for the teams involved in the match (in betting). A perfect example of this is if the Montreal Canadians are measured by +1.5 with a +220 stake, and the Toronto Maple Leafs measured by -1.5 with a 200 stake, you will of course have far more to win on the underdog scorers. If the predicted losing scoring team comes out beyond and above the odds, you will go away with far more than a $100 bet-$220 all together to be precise! Of course, usually the higher the risk, the more you have to win. However, being that we used only 1 and a half goals ahead for both teams, it is not a huge margin of difference for either of them. You would get more if the puck line was 2.5 instead for example.

Puck lines never usually exceed 2.5, yet the matchup of teams will always affect it. If you have one exceptionally great team against one that is performing badly (statistically), then the odds will of course change to suit. The puck line bet will of course offer punters more reason to pick a winner-one that is usually the punters favourite. This betting option as proved, can be quite the popular choice amongst the latter, purely because the odds are based on statistical averages throughout a season/history, more than anything else, so it makes sense that people would feel more comfortable betting with this option more than others.

The Totals (over and under)

This is a wager opportunity that many would find in all sports out there. Why? Because it’s based on the number of goals that both teams score in total.

The bettor would have to decide if the goals predicted by the bookies are in fact correct, or if you need to bet over and under the projected score. If two teams were predicted with a 5.5 total, then the ones that bet over, will ultimately go away with some nice healthy winnings in their pocket! If however, the actual score was under 5 (3-2), then the bettor that estimated an under would walk away happy indeed. This by far is a more difficult bet to go for, as you can never really base your decision on anything other than previous meetings we suppose, and the past does not always affect the future.

The sportsbook takes a profit by taking a percentage of your total bet and is often called the ‘juice’ or the ‘vig’ by betting linguistic terms.


The Parlay wagers give punters something a little more lighthearted and fun, as there are multiple games that can be wagered on at once and on the go. Yes, this is a little bit more accelerated, and definitely not a beginners first choice of wagering to get into we would say. Nevertheless, if you bet across multiple games, be it a number of scored goals all together for example, you will find that anything other than your predicted score would lose you the entire bet.

If you do manage to come through on a parlay bet, you will find that it can be very rewarding indeed, which is something not to be undermined. Those that have managed to walk away with something from this, never had anything to complain about!

A great example of this style of bet could be a 6-1 wager across three particular teams: Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs and Devils. A $100 bet would give you $600, if all three teams manage to score the predicted goals, or get through past quarter finals for example.

You can mix the teams and outcomes as you like; the more complex it gets, the more you have to win out of it in total!

Futures: NHL Betting For Beginners

Futures betting is another one of the top favorites in the list of wagering options for NHL. You would be predicting an outcome that would occur for the teams you support or select, purely for the purpose of this bet. The sportsbook would predict a team being the favourite to win by a certain degree of odds and you would predict whether that would happen or not, and if another team would come to take its place.

If the team is an underdog in the race to win the season, it would of course have a positive integer for its odds. Therefore, imagine that the Montreal Canadians were predicted +750 odds of winning, your $100 bet would win you $750 dollars if your prediction came out to be true (against all the odds otherwise). It is very rewarding indeed, yet usually there is not a huge jump in promises for the underdog to surpass all, due to the NHL being based on a points system afterall. It would be foolish to vote on the underdog that would need to win 6 games in a row, to win the season overall. You and the team would have to be incredibly lucky!

Other betting options for the futures option would be Postseason awards and ceremonies (what player or team receives such achievements), the leading scorers at the end of the season, and the over and unders for the standing points for independent teams.

Live Betting

Last but not least, this betting option is probably one of the most enjoyable options within the series, why? Because you can bet as the matches progress, live in the momentum of it. You can try all the options that we have mentioned above, such as the puck lines, futures etc. Of course, many tend to like to bet just as the match has started, because they can get a feel for the game progress that is happening. The only issue with this is, the odds will change as the game progresses on, so you may find that you could have cut yourself a way cheaper dreal before than in the live moment.

Something to consider as the games progress, is the state of the players progress: who is scoring or creating the most goal opportunities. Also, ask yourself, who is the best player to hold a lead and opening within the entire game-everything needs to be considered strategically. You will have more pressure on yourself when you bet live as you will need to read the teams very carefully as they play.

NHL betting is after all a very fun pastime to get into. Many punters chose this form of betting because they first of all, support the teams in the league, secondly the betting opportunities are creative and not boring, in any way, shape or form. Of course, the sport is not for everyone, yet when you know what you are doing, in terms of game technicalities and statistica performance, you tend to have a great opportunity to make some serious gains in the process.

Of course betting will always progress at a higher rate of success if you make sure to know all the stats and history of previous matches to occur between teams before. CNN and Sky Sports do great coverage of previous match summaries and fixture reports-keep up to date.