Odell Beckham Jr. has had quite a rough couple of years at the NFL. From being destined to be the next big thing for the New York Patriots, he has since been traded to the Cleveland Browns and might be traded again to the Minnesota Vikings this year. 

If the deal goes through, Beckham Jr. could be on his way to the Twin Cities, while Browns would receive a second and fifth draft pick (although this hasn’t been officially mentioned yet). Odell’s meteoric rise and his stellar fall has been the subject of much controversy over the last couple of years.

After signing a 5-year deal with the Giants which would see him earn $95 million, he was soon swapped for Jabrill Peppers. And most pundits are of the opinion that while Beckham Jr.’s prowess on the field can’t be questioned, his behavior off the field often puts him under a bad light. 

After signing with the Browns, most of the NFL community believed that this team from Cleveland would actually come out of their rugrats title and challenge the title-holders. But 2019 proved especially disappointing for the Browns, for they ended up winning just 6 games, with Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. having quite possibly the worst years of their playing career. 

While it can be assumed that Vikings might be the change Odell needs, one shouldn’t forget that the quarterback of the Vikings, albeit a veteran, is still quite incompetent at hitting targets. Kirk Cousins might have had a long history with him, but he has had recurring problems throwing balls at the wide receivers, something Odell Beckham Jr. will have to contend with.