Californian beaches and parks will be shut down from Friday as per the orders of Gov. Gavin Newsom. On Wednesday, the California police officials received a memorandum regarding the new order.

The order comes after a huge crowd, last weekend, visited Newport Beach in Orange County due to the heatwave.

He described the crowd as “what not to do” in order to ensure the relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

The memorandum sent by the Police Chiefs Association of California said, “We wanted to give all of our members a heads up about this in order to provide time for you to plan any situations you might expect as a result, knowing each community has its dynamics.”

Californian Beaches – All You Need To Know

Most of the Californian beaches are closed due to the coronavirus scare. However, Orange and Ventura County are still open and are witnessing an increasing crowd as summer arrives.

The City Council of Newport Beach chalked out a new plan to shut down its beach for the upcoming three weeks. The decision comes after nearly 80,000 people visited the beach during the weekend.

On Wednesday, the supervisor of Orange County, Don Wagner criticized the order, calling it an “over-reaction.” He further said that although the governor has the means to close all Californian beaches, it was not a good idea as medical experts advise exposure to sunlight and air to fight any infectious disease.

According to him, the decision will lead to the breaking of coronavirus restrictions even more than usual.

A couple of beaches in Lagoona County and San Diego County has reopened for restricted use.

Huntington beach witnessed protesters demanding re-opening of the state a couple of weeks ago

As per The Times’ reports, above 47,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2,000 deaths have been registered. Unemployment has been filed by nearly 3.7 million Californians since mid-March.