New York state task force meets to discuss fall sports season, recent survey | Local Sports

Of the 5,528 responses, 84% listed returning to school this fall because the No. 1 priority. Fans attending contests and length of sports seasons overwhelmingly ranked as the lowest priorities for survey participants. 

Survey participants were also able to share additional comments, which remain confidential. 

One unidentified superintendent said, “short of a vaccination, it will be very difficult to have most athletics in our schools,” while still another superintendent suggested shifting sports like baseball, softball, and track and field (considered medium-risk sports) to the fall, while high-risk sports such as football and soccer move to the spring.

Among comments from coaches, one coach suggested getting rid of state championships in the fall and shortening seasons. Another coach commented, “If people can protest by the 1000s shoulder to shoulder all day long with no spike in (COVID-19) cases then I think students can play a game for 1-2 hours. Let’s use common sense and be fair to the kids.”

If presented with an agenda that does not allow parents or guardians to attend games, one trainer asked, “If there are no parents/fans at games how can you get consent to treat an injury. Especially if it’s a visiting team and do not know the kids.”

The task force intends to meet again later this month, though no official date has been announced. 

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