DeAndre Baker, the cornerback from New York Giants, has been relieved of all charges by the Broward State Attorney. 

Recently, DeAndre Baker came into the limelight after the Broward State Attorney called him up with robbery charges. However, recent news indicates that he has been relieved on all counts. 

Originally, DeAndre Baker was accused of robbing cash and jewelry in Florida in May. He was also charged with assault using a firearm. Meanwhile, the New York Giants asked him to step away from his position to deal with legal matters. The 23 years old player was later put on the exempt list by the commissioner. Then, the New York Giants let him go. Currently, he is working as a free agent. 

New York Giants Do Not Plan In Reuniting With DeAndre Baker

On Monday, New York Giants clack Joe Judge told media sources that he wishes DeAndre the best of luck for his future. The statement only confirms that they are not planning on reuniting with DeAndre Baker anytime soon. 

Judge also said that the Giants have announced their decision and it is best for them to stick to it. He did not comment further on the issue. 

Earlier on Monday, an attorney from South Florida was arrested for trying to extort money from Baker. He apparently was trying to get $266,000 for each of the alleged victims. Bradford Cohen, DeAndre Baker’s attorney said that it is Baker who has been the victim. The new development played a crucial role in DeAndre Baker’s dismissal. 

As per the original warrant, Quinton Dunbar from Seattle Seahawks was also involved in the armed robbery with Baker. However, the prosecutors did not charge Dunbar stating insufficient evidence.