Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The second round of the stimulus check amounting to 2000 USD got the approval of the House. The increased amount as proposed by President Donald Trump got the support of the members of the Democratic party. It was President Trump who wanted the amount to be directly paid to the citizens of America, to be increased.

Following the approval, the 600 USD stimulus check will be increased to 2000 USD. This will be provided in the coronavirus relief aid by the end of the year. Prior to the measure, a number of other bills were signed into law by President Trump. Those included the coronavirus pandemic aid of 2 trillion USD and the government spending bill for the full year.

Procedure For The $2000-Stimulus Check 

The bill was passed by the House through a procedure that was fast-track. In order to do it as quickly as possible, they just met with enough majority needed to pass the bill, which was a two-thirds majority. The number of votes with which the bill was passed was 275-134.

The bill was backed by the Democrats with a margin of 231-2. The total number of supporters from the representative of the GOP was forty-four. A total of 130 members voted against the bill concerning the stimulus check.

Earlier, Mitch McConnell, the spokesman for the Senate Majority Leader, seemed to be quiet about the bill. He did not give any statement he was asked if the chamber had any intentions of getting the bill passed. Through his statement that came out on Sunday, he did applaud the decision of President Donald Trump. This was concerning the passage of the year-end bill.

President-elect Joe Biden gave his statement concerning the 2000 USD stimulus check. He said that he supported the increased amount of the direct payment.