Netflix introduces new technology for its committed manufacturers and creative artists to support them with new feature sets and enhanced technology. 

Under this Post Technological Alliance, products, whether creative or technical, will be scrutinized. All products that manage sound, image or meta-data from the time of production till post-production are eligible for this new technology. Any product which is a beneficiary of this new tech will be the bearer of a new logo introduced under the new logo program attached to this new Technology Alliance. 

Netflix Launches Post Technology Alliance As A Drive Towards Technical Innovation

Keeping in mind that artists should have the space to focus more on their creativity rather than being caught up in technical difficulties, this new tech smoothens the process for many media production industries. Some of the first benefactors are Arri, Panasonic, MTI Film, Blackmagic Design, Sony and so on. More companies who enlisted under this program are mentioned in the official Netflix Studios website. 

This new alliance logo doesn’t come without its supplementary benefits. Products bearing this logo will enjoy early access to Netflix’s technical roadmap and ongoing technical support through training and updates provided via Netflix. 

This visionary program keeps creativity at the forefront.