Netflix has actually gotten Armenian Genocide movie “The Promise” for streaming beginning August 8, manufacturer Eric Esrailian stated on Twitter.

“We are enjoyed reveal The Promise was gotten by Netflix for streaming beginning 8/8. Thank you ALL for your assistance & & we understand it will now raise a lot more awareness. Thanks to the exceptional kindness of our dear buddy & & coach Kirk Kerkorian, our group particularly made this movie & & our historic documentary equivalent, “Intent To Destroy”, to get United States lawmakers to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide as soon as & & for all,” he tweeted.

“We accomplished that mission thanks to all of you & our social impact campaign. No amount of denial by human rights abusers or minions will undo that fact. We donated all of the downstream revenue from the films – & ongoing/unpublicized orders of magnitude beyond that – to charitable organizations in education, healthcare, science, human rights, social services, culture & more in the US, Armenia & around the world. In addition to congressional recognition, we aimed to build visual museums & to use the films as a starting point in response to decades of disinformation/cover up,” the manufacturer included.

Set throughout the subsiding days of the Ottoman Turkish Empire and the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks, “The …

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