OGDEN — The person suspected in the shooting for Ogden cop Nathan Lyday had a criminal history that traverses a few states. Close by occupants said they weren’t astounded, and that he routinely acted forcefully toward grown-ups and kids in the area.

Gunfire between the suspect, 53-year-old John Benedict Coleman and police emitted before his home on the 300 square of Jackson Avenue soon after early afternoon Thursday.

Officials were reacting to abusive behavior at the home call that immediately swelled into a fatal shooting.

“Boom boom boom, and then pop pop pop pop. It was that fast,” said Sarah Connell, who lives two doors down from Coleman’s house. “Then I looked out the window and saw a cop there, and a cop there.”

That is when Connell stated that she accumulated her children and set out toward the storm cellar, where they remained until the chaos was finished.

“As soon as I heard the gunshots, I knew he had just finally lost it, and snapped and gone crazy,” she said, referring to Coleman.

Connell said she and different neighbors had verbal spats with Coleman since the time he moved in four or five years back.

“He just screams at anybody that walks by his house. He threatens people. He’s crazy,” she said. Police said a lady called 911 soon after early afternoon Thursday, announcing that her significant other had taken steps to kill her.

At the point when officials showed up, they were gone up against by Coleman, who ran inside the home and began shooting through the entryway. Official Lyday was killed, and a probation agent was harmed. Coleman was later discovered dead inside the home.

Connell said her children played with Coleman’s children when they initially moved in, however after one of his children got injured while playing, he turned on her children when they went to apologize.

“He met them at the hedge right there and started screaming at them and threatening them and threatening my husband not to come on his sidewalk or his road ever again,” said Connell. “Every summer, he just gets a little wilder.” She stated she hardly saw his partner or children.

Throughout the years, Connell said she called the police on Coleman multiple times for forceful and alarming conduct. She said he frequently conveyed a huge blade in a sheath on his belt.

“Every time we would call the police, we would tell them, ‘He does have firearms, you do need to be careful,’” she said. Police have reacted to the home on various occasions. They said Coleman had a criminal past that traverses a few states.