Many police officers have been angered by the new emergency police reforms set by the death of George Floyd. 71% of the members of the D.C police union are thinking of resignation.

However, violent crimes have taken a rise in New York City, with 64% shootings and 79% murders. Amidst the anti-police sentiment, violence has taken a toll, and about three-quarters of the police force are considering resignation. 

Many politicians have made urgent pleas to the citizens about making radical changes to their police force, in the wake of Floyd’s death. An emergency bill has been passed which has angered many police officers. The bill mentions the public naming of officers involved in shootings, along with other legislations, including safety permits for people who are being searched by the cops. 

A survey was made, showing that 96% of the officers believe that there will be a rise in crimes, whereas 98.7% feel that they have been “completely abandoned” by the D.C council. One officer says that the bill shows what the politicians want. He goes on to say that the bill is equal to allowing hooligans to walk on the face of the Earth shooting each other. 

More than 350 officers have also been injured in recent weeks, as some protests have descended into rioting and violence. A text message sent among the cops reads that they will strike on July 4th to let the city feel its independence from lawmakers.