NASDAQ:TACO has already brought its earnings results for this quarter out on Thursday. The operator from the restaurant reported that the EPS for this quarter was around $0.16, which was quite significantly more than the consensus estimate of $0.10. NASDAQ:TACO has reported that the return on equity is positive at 3.61%, while the net margin has been a negative 45.73%. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NASDAQ:TACO

The shares of NASDAQ:TACO got a start at $10.39 on this Friday. The company has a 1-year high of $10.43, with a 1-year low of $2.45. The simple moving average of 50-day for this business is $8.50, while the moving average for 200-day is $6.66. The current ratio for the company is 0.27, while the quick ratio is at around 0.2, and the ratio of debt-to-equity is 1.99. The market cap for this firm is $387.81 million, with the price-to-earnings ratio is -1.71, with a beta of 1.76, and a P/E/G ratio of 2.21. 

Most of the equities analysts for research have given their opinion regarding NASDAQ:TACO. Zacks Investment Research did raise the restaurants from a hold, to a buy ration, with a price objective of $10 for this company in one of the research notes that were published on the 26th of August. Jefferies Financial Group, too, raised the price objective of this restaurant from $8.50 to $10, whilst presenting the stock with a buy rating. CL King also raised the price objective of NASDAQ:TACO from $11 to $13, when they also gave the company a rating of ‘outperform’ on the 7th of October. Piper Sandler decided to elevate the target price of NASDAQ:TACO from $7 to $8, and also gave this company a neutral rating. Two of the equities analysts have already rated the stock of NASDAQ:TACO with a hold, while five of them have given the stock a buy rating. But one of the equities analysts have given the stock a strong buy. Currently, the average rating for this company is ‘Buy’, while the price target is $11.33.

The director of NASDAQ:TACO, Ari B. Levy bought around 23,000 shares of this company all the way back on August 7th. The stocks were bought at the average price of $7.45 for every share- which bought the complete transaction to $177,012. After the purchase was done, the Director assumed control of over 340,000 shares of this company – which have been valued at around $2 million. 

About Del Taco Restaurants (NASDAQ:TACO)

NASDAQ:TACO has developed, owned, and operated the quick service Mexican-American restaurant for quite a long period of time in the United States. 

NASDAQ:TACO usually offers dishes that are inspired by Mexican dishes, as well as the classic American dishes. Currently, they are operating at close to 14 states, with 560 restaurants in all.