NASDAQ:QURE went some really unusual trading options last Monday when traders bought close to 618 stocks on the put option. This was an increase of around 758% when compared to the 72 put options’ value. There have been several reports issued on NASDAQ:QURE by research firms. Stifel Nicolaus did lower the objective price for this firm from $86 to $78, along with a ‘buy’ rating. This move was thought to be a valuation call. Credit Suisse Group also brought forth a ‘buy’ rating, along with a target price of $76 in a 31st July note. ValuEngine, too dropped NASDAQ:QURE from a ‘buy’, to a ‘hold’ in an October 1st rating. 

Two of the analysts working on this firm have already rated the entire stock with a ‘sell’, while three of them have given it a ‘hold’. Ten of the analysts have brought forth a ‘buy’ rating, while one of them has given it a ‘strong buy’. The company at this moment has a price target of $74.08, along with a rating of ‘Buy’. 

The quarterly earnings for NASDAQ:QURE was posted on Thursday, with the biotechnology company reporting an EPS of $0.96 for this quarter, which missed the consensus estimate. The revenue of this company in that period was $1.54 million, which was well below the analysts’ expectations of $17.87 million. 

uniQure (NASDAQ:QURE) Company Profile

NASDAQ:QURE is a gene therapy company which has engaged itself in the commercialization and development of treatments for those patients who have been suffering from any genetic diseases in the Netherlands.