NASDAQ:BCOR actually had several stock traders acquiring around 1000 put options on Monday. This definitely represented a 793% increase when compared to an average of 112 put options. 

Several analysts have already commented on the shares of NASDAQ:BCOR. NASDAQ:BCOR was also downgraded by ValuEngine who changed their rating from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’ in a Wednesday report. The price objective for this firm was cut by Benchmark from $18 to $17, with a ‘buy’ rating on top of it. Zacks Investment Research, too, lowered the shares of NASDAQ:BCOR from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’, according to another report on the 6th of October. Three of the analysts have already rated the stock as ‘buy’, while two analysts have rated it ‘hold’, and a couple with a ‘buy’. 

The quarterly earnings of NASDAQ:BCOR was last posted on Wednesday, where the EPS was $0.09 which missed the consensus estimates given by the analysts at $0.54. The return on equity was positive at 4.84%, but the net margin was negative at 43.01%. Analysts of equities are expecting this firm to post around 0.69 EPS for the present year.

About Blucora (NASDAQ:BCOR)

NASDAQ:BCOR has been a major provider of financial solutions which are technology-enabled to small business owners, tax professionals, and normal consumers in the United States. The company has always been managed through two segments- the Tax Preparation, and Wealth Management. The segment for Wealth Management usually gives out brokerage platforms, and Insurance services to several groups of people.