PXLW stock
PXLW stock

Zacks Investment Research analysts recently decreased the rating of (NASDAQ: PXLW) Pixelworks Inc. to “Hold” from an earlier “Buy” rating in a report issued by the firm on Thursday, January 21st.

Zacks’ report mentions that Pixelworks Inc. is a leading software and semiconductor development, design and marketing company. The company also offers solutions for advanced media processing and is involved in developing means for the efficient streaming and delivery of video. The primary target market of the company includes tablets, smartphones, digital projection systems and OTA (Over-the-air) streaming devices.

Pixelworks Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW) Stock Analysis

Pixelworks Inc. stocks traded at $3.18 this Thursday. The company’ current market capitalization stands at $133.67 million. It has a negative PE ratio of 5.05 along with a beta of 2.21 at the moment. The 12-monthly high to low ranges from $5.23 to $1.85. The 50SMA (50 Days Simple Moving Average) stands at $2.90 and its 200SMA stands at $2.64.

The quarterly earnings report for the previous quarter was released on the 29th of October. The earnings stood at $0.11 EPS as opposed to the general consensus of $0.10 proposed by analysts at several research firms. The company’s return on equity stands at -31.06% along with the net margin of -51.96%. The estimated income for the firm was marked at $8.50 million but it made $8.19 million for the quarter. The FY2021 EPS might stand at -0.52 according to analysts.

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have also been involved in buying and selling of NASDAQ: PXLW shares recently. Among the notable ones are California Public Employees Retirement System, Bank of NewYork Mellon Corp, Goldman Sachs Group, American International Group, Jane Street Group among others. All these firms have recently increased their shareholdings in Pixelworks Inc. Holdings Company.