It has been a couple of months since all the world has been talking about the same thing: Sars-CoV-2, or the infamous Coronavirus. Ever since its outbreak in China’s Wuhan province, it has, with good reason, dominated news coverage globally.

With countries imposing lockdowns and quarantines all over to no avail, people all over are getting used to hoarding basic necessities, living indoors exclusively, and traveling wearing masks and gloves. Moreover, what has been terrible is the sheer panic that has seized the world thanks to it.

But, for NASA astronauts Jessica Meir, Andrew Morgan, and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka, things might seem a lot different now. After all, all three have just touched down on Earth after spending half a year in space!

All three landed safely in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz craft at 1:16 AM ET.

NASA WELCOME BACK, ASTRONAUTS!!! So About This Pandemic...

While Meir and Skripochka spent 205 days in space at the International Space Station, Morgan did 272 days.

Now, coming face to face with this microscopic enemy, the three must be facing quite the dilemma.

With social distancing becoming the norm over the past couple of months, it would be extremely difficult for them to meet their friends and dear ones, something they would obviously want to do after spending half a year in space.

It would seem that staying back for a couple more months wouldn’t have been that terrible, no?