NASA-SpaceX Crew Dragon return: Live updates

The Crew Dragon will spark its thruster engines as it slices back into the thickest part of Earth’s environment while taking a trip at 17,500 miles per hour Rapid air compression and air friction will warm the beyond the spacecraft to about 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit– a harmful part of the journey. But a heat guard on Crew Dragon’s outside will keep Behnken and Hurley safe within.

Behnken formerly explained his experience reentering the environment aboard the Space Shuttle:

“You actually see the light from the atmosphere as it heats up the external portions of the spacecraft. You see some orange lights flickering the plasma as it kinda goes past the windows…The vehicle’s going through something pretty severe — and we’ll be hoping it takes care of us as it takes us through entry.”

In some methods, nevertheless, the trip house on Crew Dragon will be much various from what the astronauts experienced throughout their previous Space Shuttle objectives. The G-forces will be a lot more extreme however will not last rather as long.

“The pill is available in steeper and [will] decrease a lot more quickly,” according to previous NASA astronaut Garret Reisman, who assisted Space X establish Crew Dragon.

As the Crew Dragon methods Earth, it’ll release a set of parachutes, called “drogue parachutes,” to start slowing its descent prior to a big plume of 4 parachutes fans out to slow the automobile down even further. If all works out, Crew Dragon will be taking a trip less than 20 miles per hour when it …

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