Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House party speaker, came down heavily on US President Donald Trump during a call Monday and called the tackling of the virus by Trump as ‘almost sinful’.

According to Politico, she said this over a phone call with the other House members of the Democratic Party.

Reportedly, she said, “The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth.” 

She further said that all the information that has been put out is not factual or real, and one must seek the truth.

Republicans in the House and the Senate have been in a dilemma regarding the second coronavirus relief package. The Republicans were accused of ‘posturing’ on relief by Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, leader of minority in the Senate.

An appeal was made to the Republicans through the statement to stop the propositions of bills that they don’t intend to pass and to start working together against this global crisis.