Mutant Virus
Mutant virus

There has been a new mutant virus of the Coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom recently. Following the information, officials of the US have introduced new travel rules accordingly. The new rules say that all the passengers who come from the UK will have to be tested negative for coronavirus prior to departure.

This announcement was made by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. They made it known to the people this Thursday. They also stated that President Donald Trump would soon be signing the order on Friday. Following this, the order would be put into execution on Monday. the CDC mentioned that the new requirement for testing negative will ensure the safety and health of the citizens of America. It will also ensure safe international travel.

Know More About The Mutant Virus

In the statement given by the CDC, they also announced that there has been a discovery of a new mutant virus, a coronavirus variant. This information was given out by the public health authorities of the UK. They termed the mutant virus as SARS-CoV-2. It was also mentioned that the new virus is 70% more infectious as compared to the previous virus variants. This information was claimed by the preliminary analysis that took place in the UK.

The news of the mutant virus led dozens of countries around the world to review their travel rules. Most of them directly put a suspension on the flights coming from the UK. The countries include Germany, Columbia, Canada, Iran, Israel, and France. The new set of rules were introduced just this week.

As the news spread about the highly contagious nature of the mutant virus, the government of the UK soon took the necessary actions. Strict rules were imposed to minimize the spread of infection. What is a matter of serious concern is the fact that another variant of the Coronavirus has been detected in people who have returned from South Africa.