The Tottenham Hotspur Football Club did very little creation in the striker of the team, Harry Kane’s absence. The player was had been injured in the match that took place on Thursday. In the match that took place, the team got won over by Liverpool.

Mourinho On Tottenham’s Performance

Jose Mario Dos Santos Mourinho Felix, the head coach of the team, gave a statement with regard to the defeat of the team. He said that the loss of the team can be viewed from a different perspective. This was said owing to the fact that Tottenham had lost a total of five matches among the 30 of those.

The coach went on to say that ups and downs were a part of every football team in the Premier League.  He did not deny the fact the team was in a bad place, for now. Mourinho stated that Tottenham, for now, was full of injuries and self-esteem issues. However, he seemed to be positive about the situation. The coach pointed out the fact that all the current problems that Tottenham was associated with, would be solved very soon.

The defeat of the team would have been worse if it was not for Aaron Connoly of Brighton. It was him who did not miss the chance of putting the result beyond the six minutes doubt from the time. On the last visit to Brighton, Tottenham was hit by a score of 3-0. This took place under the management of their former coach, Mauricio Pochettino. Mourinho, the current coach gave a statement with regard to the form of the game played by his team. He stated that there were two mistakes made by Tottenham players that met his eyes.