The multiple shares of MOTS have been given a rating of buy by currently six research analysts that have been consistently covering the firm. According to reports, one investment analyst has already issued the company with a rating of hold, while five of them have given it a rating of buy. The average target price of MOTS over the last year has been $2.40. 

Stock Commentary On MOTS

There have been quite a few research equities that have reported on the shares of this company. Piper Sandler has already reduced the price target on the company from $3 to $2.50, along with a recommendation of overweight in a 12th November research report. Zacks went the other way to increase the rating of MOTS from sell to hold, which they reported in a 19th January research report. In the end, HC Wainwright decided to reduce the price target of the company from $3 to $2, despite a rating of buy in a 16th November research report. 

The stocks of MOTS traded on Tuesday at $1.40, with a $45.14 million market cap. The company also had a -1.97 PE ratio, with a 2.79 beta. The year low for the firm has been $0.46, with the year high setting at $2.30. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $1.11, while the same over 200 days for MOTS is $1.02. 

Incidentally, the company also recently updated its previous quarterly reports on the 12th of November. The EPS reported by the company was $0.13, which rivaled the same consensus estimate set by Zacks at $0.13. The revenue earned by the company over the quarter was $0.03 million, which was similar to the estimates set by analysts at $0.03 million. MOTS also had a -151.69% return on its equity, along with a -12,916.77% net margin.