MLB threatened the players’ union with the cancellation of several regular-season games if no agreement was reached this Monday. Hectic negotiations have failed to bring any solutions. The Major League Baseball regular season’s scheduled start is March 31.

With no progress towards a fresh labor deal involving the union, MLB dug down on its position and last week issued a threat. This effectively puts the start date in peril.

MLB commenced a lockout of MLB players on December 3. On Wednesday, they informed the union that they were sticking to the self-imposed deadline on Monday. That is the date by which they plan to reach a new united bargaining agreement paving the way for the season on schedule with 162 games.

MLB said that failure to meet the deadline would force them to cancel games, stop paying players for the missed games. They have also refused to reschedule any game.

The baseball world waits in anticipation for the last-minute compromise. But at present, the two sides remain stubborn in their position with no sign of either the players’ union or the MLB softening its stance. MLB appears to be poised to follow through on its ultimatum.

Strike The Second-Longest In MLB History

The strike has come totally during baseball’s off-season but still is the 2nd-longest after the 1994 strike by the players’ union. It had then led to a loss of over 900 games. The series was canceled.

The players’ union has objected to the move by Major League Baseball, but it has also made some major positive moves. There has been a significant lowering of the demand on the expanding salary settlement eligibility. There have also been concessions made in the system of revenue-sharing, as demanded by the union. The players’ union has also made concessions on luxury tax, considering it an offer in good faith.

Major League Baseball has contended that revenue sharing and salary arbitration are 3rd rail issues and any changes are not to be termed concessions. Players have expressed their anger at the sentiment.

There have been reports that the players’ union was mulling a break in talks. While MLB has characterized the current talks as productive, the players’ union has been more muted in their assessment and point to the numerous hurdles that remain.