Miya Ponsetto
Miya Ponsetto

Miya Ponsetto, a 22-year-old woman from California, is arrested after an incident that proves her to be a racist. She is soon to be extradited to New York City.

The entire incident took place at a SoHo hotel called Arlo. It was the day after Christmas. The video that went viral shows Miya Ponsetto to be tackling a boy of 14-year-old. Following the video, she got arrested by the California police.

Miya Ponsetto On Her Hateful Reaction

Miya Ponsetto, the convict, gave a statement to a news source with regard to the incident that took place at the Arlo hotel. She stated that she was of the thought that the teenage boy stole her calling device. She dodged away from the statement given by the interviewer that said that it was a mistake from her side and the 14-year-old was innocent.

The Attorney who is representing the family of the falsely accused is Ben Crump. He took to social media to give a follow-up of the case. Attorney Crump gave his reaction to the statement given by Miya Ponsetto over a post from his Twitter account.

In the post shared by him, he pointed out the fact that Miya Ponsetto is not the only one who is to be blamed. He took on the staff of the Arlo hotel who took no initiative to deescalated the situation. Attorney Crump mentioned that had they did something regarding the matter, this incidence of racism could have been avoided. The Attorney also added that the incident was directly enabled by the laid-back Arlo Hotel. He accused them of given a poor response to the heckling on the 14-year-old by Miya Ponsetto.

In another interview with the convict, she stated that she was a nice person in real life and this was only a mistake. To this, the interviewer responded by saying that any 22-year-old is mature enough to know things better.