Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

On Wednesday, Mitt Romney, Senator, applauded 4 Republican senators dropping their plans of objecting to the victory of President-elect Biden after supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol for interrupting the proceedings.

Republican Senator of Utah, Romney warned those senators who still consider objecting to the results of the 2020 US election that eventually they will get linked to the civil unrest that saw offices getting vandalized, cops getting doused by fire extinguishers, and the windows of the Capitol getting smashed. The violent civil unrest which was finally brought under control by many federal and regional officers of law enforcement resulted in one death at least and many injuries that remain unknown at this moment.

Mitt Romney Warned Senators Of Choosing their Next Step Very Carefully

Mitt Romney decides to speak after Senators James Lankford(Okla-R), Steve Daines(Mont-R), Mike Braun(Ind-R), and Kelly Loeffler(Ga-R) abandoned their plans of objecting to the victory of Biden. Romney said that his 25 grandchildren were glued to the TV and worried about their grandpa’s condition inside the building. Senator Mitt Romney was the 2012 unsuccessful Republican nominee for the president’s post. He directly blamed Trump for the attacks by the mob, noting that Trump was addressing his supporters right before they tried storming the US Capitol.

Mitt Romney further stated that this situation is a result of the injured pride of a selfish man and the amount of outrage among the supporters by deliberately spreading disinformation for the last two months while stirring them to action on this morning. He concluded that what unfolded on Wednesday was a dangerous insurrection that was incited by the US President and those who are still considering to support this dangerous gambit through objections against a democratic legitimate election will be seen forever as being a part of this unprecedented and malicious attack against the US democracy.