mikie sherrill
mikie sherrill

Several suspicious visitors were seen entering the Capitol on the 5th of January before the building was violently broken into. Sources claim that only personnel or other members of Congress would have permitted entry. There is no other way in. 

The demand was made through a letter that was signed by over thirty Democrats. The letter was forwarded to Capitol Police’s head along with armed sergeants of the Senate. The tour to the capital on 5th January was deemed suspicious because tours in the building were shut down. The shutdown was due to the Covid19 pandemic, taking place back in March 2020. 

Mikie Sherrill’s Alarm:

Mikie Sherrill raised the issue on Tuesday, claiming that a couple of members from Congress might have led tours to insurrectionists. They have demanded to know whether the Capitol has maintained a logbook for entrants into the buildings for whatever reasons. 

In a Facebook video, addressed to the constituents under her, for holding Donald Trump and his allies in the Congress Party chargeable as well. It was made in order to aid the House’s efforts to get the people accountable for the attacks. Sherril further stated that she had already spoken to a few authorities to open an investigation. 

Mikie has not revealed the identity of the visiting lawmakers she saw, neither was she able to show their connection to the break-in. The riots were carried out the next day. 

Tim Ryan mentioned that he was in-the-know of a few of those names. But he denied to say them publicly, as to attain verification. He was also reported to say that the information regarding this was sent back on Wednesday. These people allegedly were escorted from the complex. They weren’t family tours or one-on-one tours.