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The Vice-President of America, Mike Pence took the coronavirus vaccine at a live television show. This took place on Friday morning. He is also the head of the coronavirus task for the White House. Mike Pence carried out the unprecedented step to raise awareness among the public towards the vaccine and to help them build confidence.

Mike Pence As The Coronavirus Task Force Head

After having received the vaccine, the Vice-President stated that he did not feel anything. He said it with ease. Mike Pence was seen wearing a shirt with short sleeves and a face mask. He sat on a chair while he took the vaccine. There was a sign on top of where he sat that read ‘Safe and Effective’. There stood an  American flag beside Pence. The vaccine that Mike Pence got had been approved very recently. Pfizer vaccine is what it is called. It is now getting distributed in the entire country.  

The coronavirus task force head gave his statement about his thought-provoking step that went live on the TV. He said that this would act as a ray of hope and confidence for the Americans. Pence also added that better days are to come very soon, following the vaccine.

The Vice-President did not ignore the rising cases of coronavirus infections going on in the country. To tackle this, he said that people should remain vigilant. He also added that there should be the availability of the vaccine. Pence gave some speeches encouraging the people to do their part by maintaining social distance, washing their hands, and wearing masks.

According to the report of the Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll, the number of Americans who wear masks has gone up. During the month of May, it was 52% and now it has increased to 73%. This report came out on Friday.