Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States of America, delivered a very unsatisfactory piece of news to President Donald Trump. He finally broke out to President Trump that the authority to block the certification of the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, following the 2020 Presidential elections, does not rest with him. Mike Pence was expected by some of the Trump-supporters to block Biden’s win on the day of the meeting of the Congress for the electoral votes counting.

Contradicting News Of Mike Pence And Trump’s Conversation

According to a source, President Trump is not happy about the statement given to him by Mike Pence. Previously, he had put pressure on the vice president to block the win of Joe Biden. Sources also revealed that Pence also received a warning from him that failing to do so would result in big political damage. He had to put a block on the certification of the president-elect’s win.

The sources further added that Mike Pence dropped the information about his tied hands to President Trump, in a gentle manner. He further explained to him that theoretically, he is given the power to do so, however, he is not given the practical authority to put a block. Pence also added that he was contacted by the Counsel Office of the White House regarding this information in a meeting. The meeting in question took place post the parliamentarian of the Senate that took place earlier this week.

However, all of this information stood in contradiction to the latest statement of President Trump. He claimed that Mike Pence never delivered any such information to him concerning the lack of his power. Trump also added that there was complete harmony between the agreement of his and Pence. He further claimed that the vice president had full authority to block Joe Biden’s win.