It should be a second wherein Vice President Mike Pence indicated that he’s a man of the people, that he’s not very acceptable to focus in and hop in and help. However, who are we joking; Pence is about as caring as Thanos and about as caring as his boss.

Pence joined a group to help convey boxes of People Protective Equipment (PPE) outside a Virginia nursing home with COVID-19 patients on Thursday.

Here’s how NBC News describes the event:

“Pence put a box of equipment on the doorstep of the Woodbine Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Alexandria and waved inside before wheeling over more boxes and helping unload them. He was not wearing a mask or gloves while handling the packages. Other officials who were with him were also not wearing masks.”

A week ago, Pence’s dumb-ass visited the Mayo Clinic. What’s the Mayo Clinic, you inquire? Only a clinic with an exacting mask approach that Pence and his staff completely thought about when he entered the office without a mask! Pence then asserted he didn’t wear a mask since he needed to look at people directly.

I know this sounds odd, yet when Pence wears a cover, he wears it over his eyes. He likewise clarified that he and his staff are tried normally and he felt fine. That’s right, he’s a butt nugget.

Pence would later concede that he should’ve worn a mask to the Mayo Clinic, essentially affirming that he’s a butt face.

So, watch the video below of the maskless Mike Pence fake lifting boxes and attempting to look strong for the cameras.

He likely chose not to wear a mask with the goal that America could see him flinch while conveying a container brimming with air.