Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer, the American actress and producer, became the centre of attraction over the social media platform, Twitter. This took place suddenly. The reason for this is a scene from her movie, Batman Returns. Fans suddenly went back to watching her role as the Catwoman. Precisely the scene where the actress used a whip. She is seen to have snapped the head of a total of four mannequins.

Jarett Wieselman, the manager of social media of the streaming channel, Netflix, highlighted the scene. He took to the social media platform, Twitter, to do so. He pointed out the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer carried out the scene in just a single take.

Michelle Pfeiffer And Her Whip Magic

The actress played the character of Catwoman in Burton’s film in the year 1992. According to public opinion, the movie is considered to be the best of all the versions. It was reported by a source that Michelle Pfeiffer was not the first choice for the movie. Actress, Annette Bening had been the primary choice of Burton. However, she could not be a part of it owing to her pregnancy.

Michelle Pfeiffer took to the social media platform, Instagram, to display her whip skills. She did so in the year 2019. She was seen with a whip after 27 years of the release of the movie. The caption she gave was, “Just like riding a bike”.

Not everybody showed faith in her talent. Some of the Twitter users tried to advocate the idea that Pfeiffer had been assisted in carrying out the scene. They claimed that it was actually her assistants who were responsible for pulling off the mannequin heads. They synchronized the timing with the actor. However, no one paid any heed to them. In the video that is shared, the crew starts clapping as the actor carries out her whip magic. She then takes a bow.