michelle obama
michelle obama

On Sunday, the former 1st lady, Michelle Obama celebrated her fifty-seventh birthday. On Sunday, with numerous wishes from her family members and friends, Michelle Obama entered her life’s 57th year. In her Instagram post, Obama shared her B & W image with a caption expressing her gratitude for receiving numerous birthday messages.

Obama thanked everyone for their lovely and cheerful birthday wishes. She also added how difficult this last year has been for many people on many levels and hoped that people are looking out for themselves while preserving the tiny moments and finding joy in them. She expressed her love for her followers. The reference of Obama to the challenges, difficulties, and struggles of the last year confirms her outspokenness regarding the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, her passions regarding the movement for black lives and racial justice, and the attack and riot on the US Capitol by Trump’s violent followers.

This Pandemic Routine Brought Michelle Obama And Her Family Closer Together

Barack Obama, former President of the US and the husband of Michelle Obama celebrated the 57th birthday of his wife by sharing her throwback photo with a sweet and lovely caption wishing his best friend, partner, and love of his life a very happy birthday. He described every moment spent with her as a blessing. He expressed his love for the former 1st lady. Jill Biden, who would be the first lady also wished Michelle Obama a happy birthday while sharing a picture of her and Obama on Instagram with a simple birthday wish.

The last year was a year that helped the Obamas grow personally, the couple was spending a lot of time being at their house with their two lovely daughters, Malia,22 years old, and Sasha,19 years old amidst the deadly pandemic. With the routine of the family amidst the pandemic brought the family closer, the social quarantine and isolation were an eye-opener for Michelle Obama.