Method Man
Method Man

Tamika Smith, the wife of the American rapper, Method man, took to the social media platform, Instagram, to give her reaction about the affair of her husband and Wendy Williams, the talk show host.

The controversial words used in the post of the wife of Method man, as she calls out the talk show host, comes after claims of Wendy Williams with regard to the rapper. It was revealed by her that there was a one night between her and the married Method man.

Is Method Man Getting Framed?

According to reports, Tamika Smith shared a lengthy post over her Instagram story. There she wrote about her and Method man’s affairs with Wendy Williams. She started by saying that she had remained silent over all these years when the talk show host constantly attacked her family. She said that Wendy Williams had always released verbal attacks towards the entire family of Method man.

Tamika went on to write that whatever Wendy accused them of, was all, lies. She was always after the family, trying to provoke them. However, the family, including Tamika herself, kept ignoring her. She accused the host of lacking decency. She also accused her of being obsessed with the lives of the family of the rapper.

Tamika Smith further revealed that the reason why Wend Williams was targeting her husband was because of her career issues. She claimed that she was trying hard to increase the ratings and of her “struggling” a talk show and save her career which was a “burnt-out” one. the wife of Method man further added that this was a pattern which was created by Wendy Williams for so many years. The talk show host had claimed about her sharing a “one-night stand” with the rapper on an interview last week.