Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland

President-elect Biden has finally decided to nominate Merrick Garland for the post of Attorney General. According to CNN, the decision was long-awaited which got completed on Wednesday when it became clear that the Democrats are on the verge of getting control over the Senate. This announcement and announcements of the Justice Department’s other leaders might come on Thursday as Joe Biden is looking to fill his Cabinet’s remaining seats before finally assuming the power of the presidency on 20th January.

The Nomination Of Merrick Garland And Many More Others

It seems that Biden has chosen Lisa Monaco, the Obama administration’s former security adviser of the homeland who has also become close to Biden for the post of deputy to the attorney general. President-elect Biden has chosen Vanita Gupta, a former deputy assistant to the attorney general who also led the division of civil rights at the Justice Department under Barack Obama, for the post of the associate attorney general. He has also chosen Kristen Clarke, executive director and president of, National Committee of Lawyers regarding Civil Rights for the post of assistant to the attorney general regarding civil rights.

Biden chose Merrick Garland over Doug Jones, former Senator of Alabama, and Sally Yates, attorney general currently acting. While Merrick Garland was a contender for the past weeks, concerns regarding the vacancy that would get created because of his selection on the Appeals Court for the Columbia district alerted the advisers and Biden who believed that any nomination for that seat will be immediately blocked by the Senate Republicans.

But those concerns aren’t important after the 2 runoff elections in Georgia which Democrats are poised to win. An ally of Biden says that Judge Merrick Garland will give in to new light from now on. Last month, Biden commented that his decisions will await the result of the 2 runoff elections in Georgia.