merrick garland
merrick garland

President Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland, testified against the Senate Judiciary Committee back on Monday. He vowed to preserve the integrity of the Justice Department. He also promised to prosecute fully all “heinous” crimes that were committed while the attack happened on the Capitol back in January. The Chief Judge also pledged to the US Court of Appeals to the Circuit of DC that he will make sure to fend off people who may try to intervene in the investigation. The investigation will not let the thing get politicized. 

Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Hearing

  1. Merrick Garland promised that he would protect the Department of Justice from any pressure from politics. This was a response to Senator Ted Cruz’s question to him of whether he would act as a wingman to Joe Biden. He mentioned that he would do all that in his power; he will manage to “fend off” anyone who tries to prosecute the investigations. 
  2. DOJ, said the Judge, will pursue any leads to the Capitol Riots investigation. None of the Democrats said Donald Trump in reference to the Riots in January. But they did mention that they will look into the then-President’s roles when it comes to the investigation. Which also, in turn, led to the impeachment. One Dem. told the Judge to watch “upstream.” 
  3. Merrick Garland also spoke about death penalties in the country and the impact it has on Black Americans. 
  4. He also said that he could not navigate any reason the Durham probe shouldn’t continue. 
  5. Merrick Garland is on the way to get a confirmation by bipartisan support. 
  6. In an emotional speech, he said that he wanted to serve the country to protect his family against anti-Semitism and welcome them. 

The video of the last went viral on social media and was shared widely.